Our Services

Patient Recruitment and Retention

  • Targeted patient recruitment strategies
  • Patient screening and enrollment optimization
  • Retention programs and patient enggement tools
  • Patient education and support
Regulatory Compliance

  • IRB/EC submissions and approvals
  • Site regulatory document management
  • Audit preparation and support
  • Adherence to GCP and regulatory guidelines

Site Operations Management
  • Protocol feasibility assessment
  • Staff training and certification
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) development
  • Data management and quality control

Study Start-Up and Close-Out

  • Investigator site identification and selection
  • Contract and budget negotiation
  • Investigator meeting coordination
  • Study close-out activities and document archiving

Rental Services for Equipment

  • High-quality equipment for rent, including [list of equipment]
  • Flexible rental durations to meet your study needs
  • Regular maintenance and calibration to ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Dedicated support for equipment setup and troubleshooting

Calibration Services for Equipment

  • Accredited calibration services for clinical trial equipment
  • Adherence to industry standards and regulations
  • Calibration certificates provided for compliance documentation
  • Calibration scheduling and reminders to ensure equipment accuracy