About Us

Mehmet Yıldız is the visionary founder of MEDEX, whose journey into the clinical research realm began with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Bogazici University, Istanbul in 2007. Recognizing the need for a dedicated company that prioritized and specialized in Site Management Organization services, Mehmet Yıldız took the bold step of establishing his venture. In 2013, he founded MEDEX as a private company, focusing on enhancing the efficiency and quality of clinical trial site management.

With a commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach, MEDEX has transitioned from a private company to a limited liability entity. In a short time, it has become one of Turkey's leading and preferred site management organization service providers.

As MEDEX has rapidly gained traction and reputation in the industry, its team has expanded and diversified. It currently has a highly skilled and dedicated team of approximately 350 people. 

As of our 10th year, we continue to serve and grow in 31 provinces.


Our mission at MEDEX is to advance clinical research by providing exceptional site management services that accelerate participant recruitment, enhance consistency in execution, and deliver unparalleled data quality. We are committed to supporting our clients' goals with dedication, innovation, and integrity.


MEDEX strives for extraordinary improvements in site management services, aiming to be a trusted partner in clinical research. Our vision encompasses fostering innovation, supporting the brightest minds in the field, and driving advancements in speed, quality, and reliability.

Our Core Values
    • Promoting Integrity in Quality
    • Reliability
    • Honesty
    • Respect for People
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Responsibility to Society and Stakeholders
    • Adherence to Business Ethics

Our Quality Policy

We are dedicated to providing superior site management services by adhering to stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements. Our quality policy emphasizes the identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks at every stage of the clinical research process. Accordingly, we commit to:

 •Fulfilling, certifying, documenting, and continuously improving ISO 9001 requirements in all our activities that encompass service functions, 

•Complying with national and international legal regulations and ethical standards, 

• Enhancing collaboration to best meet the expectations of our stakeholders, and increasing our service diversity by closely following scientific and technological developments,

• Ensuring the best working environment for our employees, recognizing that customer satisfaction stems from employee happiness and satisfaction,

• Improving our employees' competencies and supporting continuous learning to enhance service quality,

• Implementing strong mentoring programs that pair bright minds with experienced mentors to provide guidance and support for acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in clinical research,

• Working in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers and customers, 

• Striving for excellence through regular review and improvement of our processes, 

• Protecting the accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality of clinical research data

• Achieving financial growth by continuously increasing our market share, 

• Ensuring our employees work in harmony in a safe and healthy environment without discrimination based on language, religion, race, gender, political opinion, sect, age, or physical condition.

We are committed to these principles.



   In clinical research, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a software system used to manage research processes and operations. This system integrates and coordinates processes such as planning, execution and reporting of clinical trials.

   Process Integration: We integrate clinical research processes with our unique Odoo ERP Modules. We ensure that operations such as data collection, analysis and reporting are carried out more efficiently and effectively.

   Efficiency and Business Process Optimization: We optimize our business processes and automate repetitive tasks with the Odoo ERP system. This not only saves time and resources but also improves our research efficiency.

   Cost Control and Financial Management: We facilitate financial transactions such as tracking costs, invoicing and accounting with automated ERP modules.

   Project Management and Monitoring: We make it easy to monitor and manage clinical research projects with our customized Odoo ERP modules. We collect functions such as tracking project progress, budget management and resource planning in a single system.

What is Odoo ERP System? How is it Useful in Clinical Research?