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Our mission at MEDEX is to advance clinical research by providing exceptional site management services that accelerate participant recruitment, enhance consistency in execution, and deliver unparalleled data quality. We are committed to supporting our clients' goals with dedication, innovation, and integrity.


MEDEX strives for extraordinary improvements in site management services, aiming to be a trusted partner in clinical research. Our vision encompasses fostering innovation, supporting the brightest minds in the field, and driving advancements in speed, quality, and reliability.

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Clinical Research Management Services for Phase I, II, III, IV, Observational Prospective and Retrospective studies, Early Access Program, clinical trials conducted for academic purposes.

Project Feasibility, Site and Investigator Selection

Providing Study Coordinators, Study Nurses and Data Entry Personnel

Institution and Investigator Fee Payments Organization Which Includes Preparation and Execution of Revolving Fund Agreements Between Institutions and Sponsor.

Ministry of Health and Ethics Committee, Regulatory Authority Submission and Approval Process

Import and Customs Operations

Adverse Event Reporting, Annual Safety Submissions and Follow Up

Central and Local Laboratory Organizations.

Study Design/Protocol Writing